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We care about serving you!

We love and excel at what we do and our passions include offering you the services of catering, housekeeping, laundry, management services and chemical supplies. People are the heartbeat of our business – whether they are clients or employees.

Within the Healthcare and Hospitality sectors, we are your partner who understands that food and sanitation are essential parts of your health and happiness - your wellbeing is our prerogative.

We realize the importance of providing a flexible and personalized service to meet all our different clients’ specific requirements, and focus on constantly improving our client relationships and levels of service delivery – these position us as your perfect outsourcing partner.


Careserv is Level 2 BBBEE Compliant
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careserv|service provider|caterer|cleaning services|management services|laundry|housekeeping|coffee
housekeeping|laundry service|careserv|service provider|caterer|cleaning services|management services
careserv|service provider|caterer|cleaning services|management services|laundry|housekeeping|café

because we care

"Kombuis Personeel,
Sommer net 'n klein dankie sê vir al die lekker kossie bederfies! Ons waardeer julle en julle is vir ons kosbaar ."

- Christelle Smit
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