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We serve joy through our catering services all over Southern Africa by sourcing only the highest quality foods and produce, which is supported and reinforced by our superior service delivery. Our on-site catering includes both short-term and long-term catering contracts, whereby we provide wholesome meals for large numbers of people at various venues, such as the following:

• Retirement villages/estates
• Acute and sub-acute hospitals
• Psychiatric clinics
• Hospitality sectors
• Mines
• Aviation training academies
• Corporate canteens

Our service offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Service shifts that need breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
• Workplace catering, staff canteens and inhouse coffee shops
• Extraordinary hospitality events
• Events catering, such as weddings, funerals and meetings
• Retail grab-and-go meals
• Traditional meals, such as pap and tripe

Our registered dieticians cater for any and all dietary needs – ranging from vegans to patients with diabetes, food allergies and traditional preferences. Food provides health and happiness – whether you are an employee, a patient or an elderly person.
We always source the best quality food & produce, supported by our superior service delivery


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