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Experience matters!

We offer convenient laundry services within the Healthcare and Hospitality industries.

Our chemical products and dispensing processes are carefully controlled to achieve the highest levels of productivity and hygiene. All products are environmentally friendly and won’t damage your linen or garments. They are also chemically composed of ingredients that won’t harm or irritate sensitive skins, and actually assist in preventing bed sores.

We focus on complete client satisfaction, and offer the following services within the following industries:

• Commercial laundry, such as hospitals, school hostels and staff accommodation
• Guest laundry, such as hotels and guest houses
• Food and beverage laundry, such as restaurants and bars
• Collection and return services available for businesses, schools and hospitals

We care about making your life easier by taking the hassle out of doing your own laundry.

careserv|service provider|caterer|cleaning services|management services|laundry|housekeeping|café

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