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careserv|service provider|caterer|cleaning services|management services|laundry|housekeeping|café Careserv Management and Consultation Services
We have the necessary expertise and experience to assist in the management of clients’ valuable properties and facilities on behalf of developers, Trustees or Homeowners Associations in a cost-effective way.

Our professional Facilities Management team has several years of experience in consulting and managing the upkeep of any buildings, gardens and estate infrastructure. Competent employees, overseen by an expert manager, will take all the stress of management off your hands. We also manage the hygienic aspects of our clients’ facilities, such as Covid-19 sanitization, pest control and general maintenance.

Our excellent services include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Managing hospitality services, such as catering, laundry and housekeeping
• Managing employees in terms of human resources, industrial relationships and payroll
• Managing sub-contractor service agreements, such as landscaping and security
• Managing estates on behalf of Body Corporates or Homeowners Associations
• Assisting with the feasibility and sustainability of new projects – including its initiation, development and rollout
• Assisting with the design and layout of new commercial and residential developments and estates

careserv|service provider|caterer|cleaning services|management services|laundry|housekeeping|café

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